Study Visit & Event at SS. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

A study visit and project consortium meeting within the K-FORCE project was organized from July the 2nd to July the 6th 2018 and hosted by the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. The visit was split into two parts. The first part was focused on project results and project outcomes, which were addressed and presented in the first two days of Project Consortium Meetings. The second part included the organization and participation of partners in three thematic workshops.

The meeting was opened by the representatives of the University of Novi Sad and addressed by the representatives of the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

The first part of the visit (1st and 2nd days), included:

  • Presentation and discussion on accreditation/licensing process of the new Master Programs of partner Universities that will start in Fall 2018;
  • Discussion on the organization, content, requirements and logistics of LLL courses to be offered by each partner university in the academic year 2018-2019;
  • Discussion and recommendations on organization and logistics of SMS mobilities for teaching staff and for students during the academic year 2018-2019;
  • Discussion and division of tasks for the textbooks preparation;
  • Discussion on methodology and preparation of final draft of the glossary;
  • Discussion on the organization of the S-Force symposium to be held in September 2018;
  • Other discussion related to project management discussion, quality control and dissemination activities.

During the second part of the visit 3 thematic workshops were organized. The first workshop was titled “Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage”, and had the scope to share the experience on the topic and develop a case study learning material. The host university and most of partner universities gave presentations on case studies related to each country of the Balkans in relation to protection of cultural heritage. The second workshop included a demonstration of an action of rescue from water, and was prepared and offered by the Protection and Rescue Directorate of the Republic of Macedonia. The demonstration was performed near Ohrid Lake. The last workshop was titled “Fire Safety of Residential, Public and Office Buildings”, and it included presentations of best practices in the field of fire safety from Sweden, Denmark and Slovakia. In addition, proposals for the improvement of technical rules for fire safety at WB countries were discussed.

The visit was concluded with the detailed work plan for the next period and draft agenda of the S-Force Symposium Event was approved (Discussion and meeting Conclusions – Consortium Decision).



List of participants


  1. 1.What we have done so far and what is ahead of us
  2. 2.Technical Implementation Report Assessment
  3. 3.Report on accredited MPs at WBC HEIs
  4. 4.SMS Experience and foreseen activities in the next academic year

Report on LLL courses and outcomes

  1. Results of Survey for WBC HEIs
  2. Report on LLL courses Preparation and Implementation - good practice experience

LLL Courses preparation and implementation plan

  1. LLL courses UNS
  2. LLL course VTSNS
  3. LLL courses UTZ
  4. LLL courses EPOKA
  5. LLL courses UBL
  6. LLL courses UT

Discussion and decision on 6 textbooks to be published at WBC HEIs

  1. Textbooks proposal UNS
  2. Textbooks proposal UBL
  3. Textbooks proposal UT

K-FORCE Glossary of key words and terms

  1. UNIZA presentation – glossary
  2. UNISDR Terminology
  3. Glossary UNS
  4. UNS GLOSSARY TEMPLATE - Disaster Risk management
  7. Glossary UT
  8. Glossary VTSNS
  9. Glossary UBL

Proposal for EYP Workshop plan at S-FORCE Symposium

  2. Academic Preparation EYP – Example
  3. Resolution EYP – Example

Workshops and Case studies – Learning material for students and professionals

  1. Fire safety engineering LUND
  2. Building Fire Safety Protection in Slovakia
  3. Fire Safety Of Facades NUZOP
  4. Protection and Rescue Directorate of RM
  5. 6 stages of RESCUE PRDRM
  6. Types of structural collapse PRDRM
  7. Evacuation drill in hospital PRDM -
  8. Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage UKiM – IZIIS
  9. Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage UTZ
  10. Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage UBL
  11. Critical Infrastructure Destruction - Bridges over Danube 1999 UNS
  12. Earthquake Testing UKiM – IZIIS
  13. Rescue from the water PRDRM




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